The Film

space.games.film“ - Our documentary about the fascinating history of space games and the developers behind them. In addition to exciting insights into the world of digital space, the film lets the viewer join in on the passion of the protagonists. Shot at various locations, from Hamburg to Munich, the film team travelled all over Germany, and for one part even to Vancouver!

Curious? Watch the film HERE and listen to the music HERE!


The team

"space.games.film" could only happen because we, two independent filmmakers, have always been enormously enthusiastic about video and computer games in addition to our professional devotion. During a discussion about future projects, at some point, the topics were all about games, game mechanics and the developer scene. An idea was born - and "space.games.film" became our first mission.

THIS is us and HERE we write about our projects.


Support us

Why should you support the games.film team? Of course, so that there are more additional missions for us and add-ons for you! We put a lot of time and our own resources into this endeavor - and we are happy to do so. Nevertheless, we are limited within a certain range and therefore depend on further contributors and supporters (m/f/d/r/e)*. Like-minded people who, just like us, are passionate about games, game worlds and exciting background reports and who are interested in high-quality and informative formats on our common favourite topic.

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